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(Memphis) Some members of your family will also need your help in staying warm and healthy in this deep freeze. This dangerous weather can severely harm your four-legged loved ones, your pets.

2-year-old Lovie and her brother 5-year-old Zezu, acted shy in front of our cameras Saturday, but their owner Ryan Heine says the duo gets pretty active in cold and snowy weather.

“She jumps around instead of walking around. He really likes ice, it’s kind of fun watching him and you can throw snowballs at him,” said Heine.

Even though it’s fun for the dogs, Heine fears the freezing temps can be dangerous.

“We just kind of monitor them and make sure we bring them back in,” said Heine.

With bitter cold moving in to the Mid-South, veterinary doctors are prescribing this advice, keep your pets warm and inside.

“Unfortunately, pets can freeze to death it doesn’t take very long,” Dr. Yelena Lapova.

At the Raleigh Bartlett Animal Hospital, Dr. Lapova treats family pets and rescue animals. She warns it’s not another animal’s bite you should watch out for this upcoming week, its frost bite.

“Especially on the ears and the little toes, those are the areas that don’t get enough blood supply,” pointed out Lapova.

Animals who are stuck or lost outside maybe trying to find warmth, so be on the lookout.

“Check your car hoods before starting your car. There may be a kitty hiding in the hood of the car,” said Lapova.

She suggests if you see stray animals call the humane society or animal services to get them help in the below freezing temps.

“When you think some animals can be left outside over the weekend, how does that make you feel?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“It makes me cringe a little bit,” replied Lapova.

A good rule is, if you don’t want to be outside, animals don’t either.

Heine says this week they’ll be spending a lot of time inside.

“This is my family. I want to make sure they are safe too,” said Heine.

For more suggestions on pet safety, you can visit Raleigh Bartlett Animal Hospital’s Facebook page.