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(Southaven, MS) Tammy Wingo once worked at some of the wildest clubs around, Danny’s, Platinum Plus, and says she saw prostitution first hand.

Problem is, she says she still sees it.

”I do. When you drive down through here late in the afternoon and evenings and stuff you can see the ladies that are around looking for company.”

Officers arrested fifteen people last week in a prostitution sting that started with ads placed on the internet, where police say prostitutes do business more and more.

Lieutenant Mark Little says Southaven aims at prostitution not just for selling sex, but for the other types of crime it can bring in.

”Well, drugs, then there’s the postings you see on all these websites, we’ve had people who were responding to those ads and gotten robbed, that have gotten shot” said Southaven Police Lieutenant Mark Little.

Critics complain Southaven has more pressing crimes to stop, like burglaries and break-ins, but Little says it’s not unlike cities that use traffic enforcement to uncover and prevent other crimes.

Not many people remember, or want to, but Southaven started out with a reputation for its massage parlors along Millbranch Road. Since its incorporation as a city, Southaven has worked to rid itself of prostitution and keep it out of town.

Little says the prostitution sting didn’t take any resources off the street.

”When we see an issue or special investigations unit sees an issue that needs to be addressed, we address it.”

Southaven had no prostitution arrests last year, but reported 14 in 2012, the last time it had a sting operation.

Wingo believes intervention like the Southaven sting makes a difference.

”I love it. I think they ought to continue to do it. There are two sides to every coin but I do think they ought to continue to do it. It is a problem. It is a crime and I think people should have to pay for what they do.”