Proposed distribution center could bring hundreds of jobs to Frayser

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s just vacant land right now, but soon, a large piece of property in Frayser could transform into a massive distribution center delivering goods all over the Mid-South. Shelby County Commissioner Willie Brooks says the facility would bring about 1,000 new jobs starting at $15 an hour.

The developer behind the proposal is “Seefried Properties” out of Atlanta. It’s application to the county Board of Adjustment doesn’t say which company would use the center, but Seefried has worked with some big ones in the past, like Amazon and Mercedes-Benz.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland says this project is exactly the kind of thing Frayser needs.

“You know, I say often that Memphis has momentum and you can literally see it in some areas of town but other areas have not really felt it,” he says, “Any economic development going on in Frayser would be fantastic.”

The proposed center at Hawkins Mill and Old Allen Road would be more than three million square feet. It would be a mark on the Frayser landscape you couldn’t miss.

Pastor Michael Ellis says adding jobs in the best way to cut down on crime, which is something that’s plagued that community for a long time.

“When you are working for the Lord you don’t have time to work for the devil. So, when people are working for their family they don’t have time to work for negative things,” he says, “And then children see their parents working and it motivates them to follow in those footsteps.”

We called Seefried for comment but have not heard back. The Board of Adjustment will consider the developer’s proposal next month.

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