Proposed bill would decrease number of training hours needed to obtain gun carry permit

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A proposed bill in the Tennessee legislature aims to make it easier to obtain a gun carry permit.

According to WTVF, current state law requires anyone wishing to get a permit to have eight hours of training and pay a fee of $100. But now the new bill would lessen the training time to just two hours- which could even be completed online rather than in person.

The fee to get a carry permit would also be reduced to just $65.

Under the legislation there would also be two different types of carry permits: a handgun carry permit and an enhanced handgun carry permit. To obtain the enhanced permit, gun owners would have to pay an extra fee and take eight hours of classes.

Rep. Andy Holt said the bill gives people more people the ability to get a gun and gives them more choice.

Of course, the controversial part of this bill is the safety factor. Would increasing the number of hours – and making it available online- make the state unsafe?

“The bills we’re introducing are going to weaken that system. They’re going to allow people to not even fire a firearm before they could carry it in public and would just require less training,” said Kathleen Chandler, a volunteer for Moms Demand Action.

Holt told WTVF he still encourages people to go through all the proper training.

“I encourage folks in every situation to always seek out as much training as they want and to never utilize a weapon until they’ve achieved enough training until they’re comfortable with the use of that gun and the knowledge of how that gun can be used under these different permitting positions,” said Holt.


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