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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– New numbers have been released by the Shelby County Crime Commission, and they’re not good. Major violent crime is up as well as murder, 69 percent since this time last year. But there is some good news.

Property crime is down 5 percent in the county, and burglary in the county is down nearly 8 percent in the county as well. Homeowners said they’re becoming more vigilant.

“You have to be mindful.”

If you look around Menelik Fombi’s Midtown home, it’s clear he is. His home is one of many on his street displaying an alarm sign. He has cameras, too.

Prior to this he was a break-in victim.

“It was 5:30 in the morning, and the porch light was on and the car was here,” he said.

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt and nothing was taken, but it understandably gave him a scare.

Newly released numbers by the Shelby County Crime Commission show major violent crime is up 18.3 percent in Shelby County compared to this time last year.

It’s startling news, but there is some light as property crime is down — a little more than 5 percent in Shelby County and almost 2.5 percent in Memphis.

Burglary is down nearly 8 percent compared to this time last year in the county, too.

“A lot of it is gradual. Folks start off small, petty crimes gradually go up,”said Delvin Lane with the 901 BLOC Squad. His group works to stop violent crime. He said these new numbers show a small step in the right direction, which will hopefully continue.

Fombi said get to know your neighbors and be smarter than potential thieves.

“We sit here on the porch a lot. I’m here early, I’m here late. I let people know we’re home.”

WREG also spoke with a local alarm service company.

They said their sales have been up at homes and businesses over the last few years.