Promise Academy teacher tests positive for COVID-19


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A teacher at Promise Academy in Memphis has tested positive for COVID-19 just days into the charter school’s in-person training for teachers.

Promise Academy runs two charter schools in Memphis with about 800 students enrolled.

“I think it’s more imperative for us to remember this is why our current superintendent stated that all schools are most definitely are going to be closed, and students are going to be learning online,” said Shelby County Schools board member Stephanie Love.

Students are scheduled to start classes online and in-person on August 26.

“This shows you COVID is still active in our community and solidifies the concerns that we have for teachers and personnel working in the schools,” said Scott McCormick with the Shelby County Schools board.

This is believed to be the first case reported this summer as Shelby County Schools will begin the school year with online learning.

“We don’t know where this individual contracted 19, so when we do have people in a place whether in school or out in the public, it’s important for us to practice the safety precautions set in place by the CDC and our health department,” Love said.

However, some municipal schools and charter schools plan to offer a hybrid form of online and in-person instruction.

“Promise Academy is a charter school, and they are required to follow certain policies that we have in place, and I’d think safety and safety guidelines they should follow,” McCormick said.

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