BARTLETT, Tenn. — A tree trimming company was operating without a license when it left debris and limbs in the backyard of a Bartlett woman in February, according to a Problem Solvers investigation.

The owner of Titan Tree Service promised the Problem Solvers he’d return to Bettye Callis’s Bartlett home this weekend to begin clearing debris left since February.

Callis paid them around $5,000 to trim five large trees in her backyard.

She got quotes from several tree trimmers and settled on Titan Tree Service out of Murfreesboro, who offered the lowest quote.

“They were supposed to clean all this mess up, but they didn’t,” she said pointing at the large oak tree branches and limbs piled up all over her backyard.

The company promised on Facebook they’d return to get the debris, but they still have not been back to Callis’s house. She’s not alone; the company has a D minus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“One gentleman, it was a year before they got back to him,” Callis said.

Daniel Irwin with BBB of the Mid-South said companies will target people after something like an ice storm, so you have to vet them.

“You should contact the BBB, see if we’ve got record of them, look at their reviews and ratings. You want to make sure they’re a real company,” Irwin said.

He said if they’re not local to Memphis, that’s a red flag.

“I would be very skeptical,” Irwin said.

In fact, the Problem Solvers reached Titan’s owner Jose on the phone. He used the term “storm chasing” to describe how his company operates.

Tennessee regulators said they have no license on record for Titan Trees, which would be required for a job over $3,000 in Shelby County.

“Stay as far away from them as possible,” Callis said.