MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s Friday, December 23. If you still need to get gifts, you have plenty of options.

A 2020 study by the shopping company Klarna found about 4 in 5 Americans wait until the last minute to do holiday shopping.

“We’re trying to talk to parents about especially when it comes to last minute gifts that those are opportunities in your parenting world,” said Shelby Knox with ParentsTogether.

Knox advised focusing on experiences like a membership to the zoo or a museum, which usually can be purchased online. A library card can be obtained for free!

She also suggested focusing on a theme and gathering books and other items around the house.

“Watching a movie at home. Like getting a little kit, putting in popcorn and their favorite snacks,” she said.

She said book stores and libraries often have sales.

For adults, consider these options for last-minute gifts:

  • Buy a subscription box online for things like cooking, coffee and beauty products.
  • Subscriptions to television and audio streaming services.
  • Gift cards to favorite retailers.
  • A donation in their honor to a meaningful organization.

If you’re still looking to shop in store, try to reserve online for pickup or go early. Stores re-stock overnight so you are more likely to see products on the shelves in the morning.

“Anything that puts kids on social media can expose them to predators or drug dealers or things we as parents don’t want. It’s especially important when looking for last minute gifts to be really thoughtful,” Knox said.

Most stores are open on Christmas Eve.