Problem Solvers update: Flooring contractor pays client back in full

Problem Solvers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A case WREG Problem Solvers have been following for nearly a year is finally coming to a close after a flooring contractor pays his client back.

When we first met Danielle Magee a year ago, she was frustrated.

“I gave him time to make good on that promise and he still didn’t,” Magee said.

She’s talking about Sean Robinson, who she hired to install hardwood floors instead of the carpet in the upstairs of her Arlington home.

She told us she paid $1,400, but he never did the work. So, she called the WREG Problem Solvers, as well as the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, who charged him with theft.

The Problem Solvers have followed his case in court. Last November, Robinson told us he was about to pay her back.

“I’m happy about this resolution that it can finally get resolved,” Robinson said.

But ultimately, it took a lot longer than that, with his attorney saying the Problem Solvers coverage cut into his business.

That’s part of what Magee wanted all along.

“It made more people aware,” Magee said. “I had so many more people reach out to me after the news segment saying he did the same thing to me. I’m glad someone is doing something.”

As an added bonus, she’s getting her money back.

Finally, this month, Robinson’s attorney told the court his client paid Magee back in full. Prosecutors dropped the theft charge as a result.

“If someone does owe you money or does bad contractor work, expose them,” Magee said. “Let other people know they put things in place for you to be able to recoup your money if possible.”

She’s still waiting for the final $300 payment, which his attorney says is in the mail.

Robinson’s attorney said his client is pleased to have the case resolved, the charge dropped and his name cleared.

But, Robinson still faces another theft charge in a separate case, where officials say he was driving a U-Haul rental truck more than two months after it was supposed to be returned.

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