Problem Solvers Update: Flooring contractor charged with theft has third court appearance

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Sean Robinson

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The WREG Problem Solvers have stayed on top of a case of a flooring contractor facing a theft charge for allegedly not performing work for which a customer paid $1,400.

After months of promises, Sean Robinson’s case is still going through court and the Problem Solvers have been at the courthouse for every hearing.

His issues started last summer, when customer Danielle Magee told us she paid him the money to replace the carpet in the upstairs of her Arlington home. She said he never returned to do the work.

She called the Problem Solvers as well as the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies filed a theft charge against him, and he’s been promising to pay her back ever since, like he said he would at a November court hearing.

“I’m happy about this resolution that it can finally get resolved,” Robinson said.

But since that happened, there have been three more court appearances, and still no money for the victim.

At the last hearing, his attorney had said Robinson had given him some money to start the repayment, but the transfer got declined.

And again on Friday’s court hearing, Robinson’s attorney said he could not repay his victim in full.

He said Robinson had given him some of the money to pay back, but wouldn’t say how much or when it would be transferred to the victim.

Since WREG started covering this contractor, the Problem Solvers have heard from at least three more customers with similar stories about Robinson Floor Coverings.

Robinson’s attorney said the Problem Solvers coverage of this case has affected his work.

“It’s definitely not helping his business,” attorney Doug Hall said. “I think he’s actually getting the message it’s serious and to pay back. So he’s trying his best to pay her back. He doesn’t want any further damage from this.”

That’s exactly what his former customers want: to warn others and keep it from happening again.

Robinson’s attorney says if his client doesn’t pay back the $1,400 by his next court appearance on March 20, authorities could issue a warrant for his arrest and push the case to trial.

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