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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For years, large trash items lined the main street of Candace Jones’ Southeast Memphis neighborhood. Clarke Road regularly had items like mattresses, television sets and tires lining the side of the road.

“Just deplorable,” she said.

Jones tried getting the city to act by reporting it to 311, but she couldn’t get action until the WREG Problem Solvers stepped in.

“Your involvement in the situation has caused the city to begin checking. So now we have results,” she said.

Once the Problem Solvers brought the dumping on Clarke Road to the attention of the city, they cleaned up the mess and then went even further: putting in hidden cameras to catch the culprits.

Now those cameras have brought results. Pictures obtained by the WREG Problem Solvers show people caught red-handed, dumping things like furniture and tires on Clarke Road.

As a result, city officials cited Jerry Trevillian, 28.  

The Problem Solvers visited Trevillian’s Raleigh home several times.

He never was home, but someone who came to the door confirmed he lived there. We asked if they knew why he would be dumping or if he works with large materials, but they didn’t clearly answer.

Trevillian will have to face a judge in June.

Meanwhile, city officials said they’re putting a second hidden camera on Clarke Road soon.