MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Problem Solvers helped get some attention from the city for an overgrown lot in the Oakhaven area.

In the process, we may have stumbled on some wildlife making a home in the thick underbrush.

G.W. Richardson bought his Oakhaven home during the winter four years ago. He didn’t realize the grass and trees on the lot that butts up to his backyard would get as bad as they do.

“In the summer it grows pretty high,” he said.

The lot features a huge, towering, dead tree surrounded by overgrown brush so thick you can’t walk in.

Richardson even has raccoon traps in his yard.

He said he’s tried to get something done; his 311 complaints have been marked “closed.”

“I’d like to see it cut down so I can feel safe and comfortable, even for my grandkids,” he said.

That’s why he called the WREG Problem Solvers. When we came to check out the lot, we saw his concerns.

We also could see a large animal through the brush that looked like a feline, larger than the average house cat.

When the Shelby County game warden responded, he couldn’t find the feline, but he confirmed from the Problem Solvers’ images that he believes the animal was a bobcat.

Alleged bobcat spotted in yard.

He said bobcats are generally not a risk to humans, but that didn’t make Richardson feel any better.

“I would like for them to correct this problem,” he said.

County records show Domonic Isabell owns the lot. WREG tried to reach her but could not connect.

City spokesperson Arlenia Cole said the city would inspect the property by Monday and then issue a notice of violation for the owner to appear in environmental court.

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