Landlord agrees to fix busted pipe after Whitehaven family suffers with no running water

Problem Solvers
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Whitehaven man says he can’t stay at home during the pandemic because his home has been turned into a work site, with no running water and no end in sight.

He said it began when his landlord busted a pipe under his house while trying to fix his plumbing. The busted pipe under his lawn led to major work.

“There’s been no water in my home since March 26,” Antonio Johnson said. “You go to wash your hands and dishes, and there’s nothing.”

As a result, Johnson and his family moved into a hotel, but that presents its own issues.

“My family getting sick,” he said. “Coming back and forth from the hotel to my home, it’s a real big inconvenience.”

He says his landlord, Danny Owens with O’s Realty, hasn’t contacted him to tell him when they will be finished. So the Problem Solvers called him to find out, and asked him about the delay in the work.

“I’ve had all kinds of problems with it. I had heavy equipment in there and it got bogged down,” Owens said.

He also says they accidentally hit a gas line, and MLGW got delayed responding because of the coronavirus.

He promised Johnson should be able to move in no later than Wednesday or Thursday and that he wouldn’t owe rent for that time. 

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