MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The fallout from the American Car Center bankruptcy continues.

Many people tell WREG and the BBB they still can’t get their permanent plates and have not been able to get help from Westlake Portfolio Management, the company that took over all of American Car Center’s business.

Carlethia Granville is one of the people caught in the middle. When we met her in April, her temporary plates had been expired for weeks and she hadn’t been able to get her permanent plates.

“They just left us to pick up the pieces,” Granville said.

Granville typically drives for Uber and Lyft to support her three children, but without a legally-registered car, she can’t earn a living.

American Car Center, a Memphis-based used car dealership, suddenly declared bankruptcy and shut down in February, a month after Granville started leasing her car.

Granville waited for Westlake to send her paperwork to the Shelby County clerk for her to get plates.

“They need a title. A copy of the title,” she said.

Granville is not alone. Records from the Better Business Bureau showed dozens of customers filing complaints since the closure.

We asked the BBB’s Daniel Irwin what they advise people to do.

“I don’t know. We’re trying to navigate and figure that out ourselves as well,” he said.

He said the situation has been more challenging than expected.

“I wish I had an answer for her. We’re just as dumbfounded as I’m sure you are as to why it’s taking so long. She’s not the only one having this problem,” Irwin said.

He advised people to file complaints with the BBB, the state of Tennessee, and the Federal Trade Commission. If consumers still have issues they should get a lawyer.

In addition, he said people should contact Westlake directly, though they have not been very helpful.

The WREG Problem Solvers sent Westlake emails about Granville’s case.

Westlake’s Vice President of Marketing David Goff never responded to the Problem Solvers’ inquiries. However, Granville did get some action.

“The director called me today,” she said. “As soon as you called them, I got some results.”

She said the Westlake manager told her they’d send her papers to the Shelby County Clerk that same day. Unfortunately, a few days later she was still waiting.

“I am a single mother of three. I live by myself. I don’t live with anybody. I have my own apartment, my own vehicle, my own bills. They didn’t care about that,” Granville said.

The Problem Solvers went to the Shelby County Clerk’s downtown office with Granville. There, she was able to get another temporary tag, which allowed her to legally drive for one more month.

Clerk Wanda Halbert said she thought the American Car Center issues had been fixed until we brought this to her attention. She said her team would be in touch with the company to move the process along.