WALLS, Miss. — Megan Lindgreen remembered the exact day she moved on from her drug addiction.

“I am six years and two months in recovery. I was bad on heroin and fentanyl,” Lindgreen said.

After overdosing several times, the mother of two is proud to be able to share her journey and move on from the things that used to define her, except for one.

“I feel like one thing that’s holding me back is my teeth. I have no teeth. I want to share my story. I want to go talk to people. But I also don’t want to stand in front of a whole bunch of people with no teeth,” Lindgreen said.

Lindgreen thought she found a solution at Tri-State Community Health Center. The grant-funded health center provides care for people without insurance, like Lindgreen.

She went there for dentures and paid a very reduced fee: $800. But then she had an issue.

“The teeth come back and it didn’t fit. The teeth were sticking straight out, like y’all can’t expect me to wear that,” she said.

They took new impressions and sent them off, but the same thing happened again.

She even delayed her wedding while waiting.

“I said, ‘Okay, let’s put it off to September and see what happens. I waited, did more impressions, and never got anything. I didn’t want to keep putting it off,” Lindgreen said.

Instead, she smiled with her mouth closed at her September wedding.

Keep in mind, she first paid for the dentures in February.

A whole year later, she was tired of waiting. She asked Tri-State for a refund.

“I never got a return call. Nothing saying anything about what was going on. Finally, one of my counselors went in and was able to get some of my money back but not all of it,” she said.

That’s when she called the WREG Problem Solvers.

We made several calls to Tri-State and left messages. By the time they called us back, they told us the issue had been resolved and wouldn’t provide any more details.

When we caught up with Lindstrom, we learned how it got resolved.

“They actually called me yesterday surprisingly, and were like, ‘We resolved the issue, we’re going to give you the rest of the money,'” she said. “I was like really! “So I’m guessing you calling, they were probably like, ‘Let’s get this out the way.’”

Lindgreen picked up a check for the remaining $180.

She knows Tri-State is working with limited resources and does a lot for the community. She just hopes after this experience, they get new training or are more careful about what procedures they attempt.

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