MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The WREG Problem Solvers continue to cover a case of hundreds of deer carcasses dumped in North Memphis and the risks they pose to the community.

After we started investigating, Memphis code enforcement cited the operator of Dino’s Meats, located on North Willett Street.

Days after the citation was issued, the lot appeared to get cleared. However, people in the area thought Dino’s had the carcasses buried rather than hauled off.

Experts tell the Problem Solvers the carcasses pose several health risks to the community, including the smell, water contamination and the spread of disease to other animals and humans.

In court Monday, officials laid out the case against Dino’s Meats and its operator Jeff McBride.

“These are basically dumping charges,” Referee John Cameron said.

“Behind the property on a city right-of-way behind the property were animal remains, bones,” a code enforcement officer said.

McBride didn’t say much; he reassured the court he did have the bones hauled off.

WREG Problem Solver Stacy Jacobson questioned McBride outside court.

“All I know is, I hired a gentleman and he had them removed,” he said.

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We asked if theu were still buried in the area.

“Not that I know of. He removed them,” McBride said.

If the carcasses are buried, they still can cause major health risks.

McBride said he did not have any concerns about the potential health hazards caused by his business.

“Right this second we have nothing to say,” he said.

City attorneys asked McBride to provide proof the cleanup occurred and reset his case for May 1.

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