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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis roofing company responded to a frustrated customer after the Problem Solvers got involved.

Trena Beasley needed her roof replaced in 2015.

“I ended up getting two quotes before this company but I went on a referral from a friend and I settled on him,” Beasley said.

She’s talking about Brian Elder Roofing, which calls itself the “best commercial and residential roofing contractor in Memphis.” They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South.

“I ended up having the entire roof replaced. At least I thought I had a brand new roof put on,” she said.

She paid more than $8,000 for the new roof. But about six years later, within her warranty, she said the roof started to have issues, including a leak in her attic and shingles becoming detached.

She called the company multiple times and said someone even came out, but they’d always say she’d have to deal with Brian Elder himself to get the problem fixed. So, she got another roofer to do the work and paid another $2,000 out of pocket.

“I have not seen him, nor have I heard from him, nor has he came here to my house,” she said.

When Beasley couldn’t get anywhere, she called the Problem Solvers. We called Brian Elder Roofing.

We spoke with Beasley’s sales representative, who gave a familiar response.

“You’ll have to talk with Brian Elder,” Dwight Treadwell said.

Eventually, a receptionist provided Elder’s cell phone number. When we spoke with him at first he said he wasn’t familiar with Beasley’s case.

“I’m going to have to investigate this. I don’t know anything about this,” he said.

But when he went on, it sounded like he knew a little more.

“It’s not a roof issue. All we did was replace the roof,” he said.

We asked what he meant by saying “it’s not a roof issue,” but at that point he asked for a couple days to look into it.

Still, we asked why Beasley couldn’t get anyone to respond to her.

“You’re catching me off guard. I’m not 100 percent sure,” Elder said.

It turns out, despite the company’s A+ rating, they do have some complaints that sound similar to Beasley’s experience. On their BBB page, a customer wrote it’s “been a nightmare dealing with them. I would call, they would say they would send someone out, nobody would show up…” In response, Brian Elder Roofing offered a “complete refund” to that customer.

After our intervention, Elder and Beasley finally connected.

“Brian Elder did get in contact with me and he did want to make things right,” she said.

She told him how much she’d spent on the corrective work and soon enough, got a reimbursement check in her mailbox.

“I am so glad I can put all this behind me,” she said.

WREG offered Elder a chance to do an interview about his business practices, but he declined the offer.