Problem Solvers update : Homeowner suing in ‘contractor confusion’ case

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A homeowner whose house was struck by lightning has filed a case in small claims court against the contractors who were supposed to repair his home.

WREG was in court Thursday when Jordan Rogers faced a judge in his lawsuit against three contractor he say tricked him and did shoddy work.

Rogers is still trying to catch up from what happened to his Berclair home. It caught fire when lighting struck in 2018.

To rebuild, he says he called a reputable contractor called Tim Disalvo and Company, and had the phone records that prove it.

Roger says Tim’s brother Jim Disalvo showed up instead and started on the work with another man named Stan Young.

Now Rogers is suing all three.

He says Jim Disalvo and Stan Young did bad work, and he blames Tim Disalvo for sending them.

The WREG Problem Solvers uncovered a long history of Jim Disalvo getting charged and fined for unlicensed work in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Tim Disalvo denied any business connection with his brother Jim. But that’s not what Jim told WREG. In November, he said he’s a subcontractor for Tim Disalvo and Company.

Since our story aired, Rogers says he’s heard from other people with similar stories. That’s why he wants to move forward in court.

4215 “We’re hoping we can lay the facts out, tell them what happened and stop this from happening to other people,” Rogers said.

At the status hearing today, lawyers represented both Tim Disalvo and Jim Disalvo. No one showed up for Stan Young.

The lawyers did not comment on the case, but did agree on a trial date this May.

The Problem Solvers will be there to let you know what happens.

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