Problem Solvers update: Contractor says former customer will get money back by end of month

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The WREG Problem Solvers are staying on top of a case dating back to last summer.

Danielle Magee first called the Problem Solvers when she said she paid a flooring contractor $1,400 for work he never started.

She also called the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, and they charged Sean Robinson with theft.

WREG has been following his criminal court case.

In November, he told our cameras he planned to pay the victim back in full by early January.

“I’m happy about this resolution that it can finally get resolved,” Robinson said.

But then Robinson missed the January deadline. At the time, his attorney said he needed more time to gather the money and rescheduled a court date for Feb. 7.

Robinson somewhat delivered on that promise Friday. Though his attorney Doug Hall said he cut it close.

“So he finished the job this morning, then sent me the money, he was waiting on approval,” Hall said. “He was heading to court when I called him and told him his presence was waived.”

Hall wasn’t clear about when he’ll turn that money over to the courts so they can get it to the victim. He only promised to do it by the next court appearance date on Feb. 28. Hall also hoped to get the theft charge dropped at that time.

Since WREG started covering Robinson, we’ve heard from at least three others who’ve had similar dealings with the contractor. His lawyer said Problem Solvers have made a difference in how Robinson approaches business.

“I think the press has made him more weary that he needs to do some good workmanship, and I think he’s taking that under advisement that he’s gonna be under the microscope here,” Hall said.

Police also added two new criminal charges to Robinson’s record in 2020. Police said he kept a rented truck for nearly three months past the return date. They charged him with theft and for driving without a valid license. His lawyer called it a misunderstanding and said he’d have paperwork to prove it at that next hearing.

WREG will be there to see what happens and find out if he finally reimburses the original victim.


If you have a similar experience, you can report a contractor to your state’s licensing board, call your local law enforcement and contact WREG Problem Solvers by emailing Stacy Jacobson at

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