Problem Solvers update: Contractor misses court deadline in felony theft case

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Officials charged flooring contractor Sean Robinson with felony theft last year for allegedly taking $1,400 from a woman and then not doing any of the agreed work.

He told our cameras at his last court appearance in November that he'd pay her back by the next court date on Jan. 8.

“I’m happy about this resolution that it could finally get resolved," he said at the time.

WREG spoke with homeowner Danielle Magee last summer. She showed us the carpet in her upstairs that never got replaced even though she paid Robinson the money.

Since then, WREG followed his court case and heard from three more people with similar stories, including Bradley Duffield.

“I’m probably gonna have to get the whole floor torn out and re-done," Duffield said as he showed WREG the faulty work in his bathroom last month.

Robinson’s criminal case was supposed to wrap up Tuesday with him promising to pay Magee back to get his charge dropped. But instead of Robinson showing up at court, his attorney Doug Hall made arrangements and said his client would not deliver on his promise.

“The negative publicity from this is affecting his business and that’s part of the reason he hasn’t been able to pay. His business has been slow," Hall said. “He just needed a little more time. He’s confident he should have it back in the next 30 days.”

WREG asked Hall about the three additional people with issues and why his client continued to have problems with customers.

“I’m not too sure," he said. "That’s a thing between them and his other clients. These are more civil matters. They are not actually criminal."

Hall said he didn't think law enforcement should be involved in the matter since his client never had any criminal intent.

Through all this, he said Robinson has actually paid attorney fees, even though he still owes money to customers. Hall had Robinson's case rescheduled for Feb. 7 and promised Robinson would pay back the money in full by then. He said the judge would probably not allow his client to delay again.


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