Problem Solvers update: Flooring remodeler promises to pay customer back

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. — Danielle Magee spoke with WREG this summer after she said she paid Sean Robinson for new flooring of her Arlington home, but the work was never completed.

“You accepted $1,400 from me for materials, and I have not received those materials, nor have you refunded my money,” Magee said.

She said she gave Robinson multiple chances to come do the work. When it never happened, she called law enforcement and filed a report with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Robinson was charged with theft of property worth more than $1,000 in September.

Sean Robinson

“A lot of times with small businesses, when we do have bad experiences, people let them get away with it,” Magee said. “It’s not fair to other people.”

More than two months later, Magee still hadn’t gotten her refund, and the case had stalled in court. Court records show Robinson kept delaying getting an attorney, first in September, then in October and then twice in November.

When the WREG camera showed up Wednesday, Robinson finally had a lawyer who spoke with the judge and then us.

“We have agreed to pay her back within 30 days,” attorney Doug Hall said. “Everyone parts ways and gets to enjoy their holiday.”

That’s happy news Magee waited on for nearly six months.

Robinson had an explanation for WREG about why he didn’t give a refund before charges were filed.

“She actually declined the refund,” he said. “I actually asked her if she wanted the refund, I would pay her the way she paid me. I would pay her in three separate payments. She actually declined that.”

Magee said she declined his offer because she got frustrated and wanted all her money back at the same time. She’s still skeptical she’ll get it in the next 30 days as the attorney promised.

Hall said his client will pay, and they’ll be back in court in January to have the case dismissed.

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