Problem Solvers get exposed cables moved underground after long wait for southeast Memphis neighborhood

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When WREG Problem Solver Stacy Jacobson visited Woodberry Cove last week to help with track pickup issues, she noticed another problem: cables draped across the street and driveways of the southeast Memphis court.

Flora Childres said the issue started when something hit a cable box nearby last November. Comcast re-wired but never put them back underground.

“Not only did it look bad, we were concerned for the safety of the people in the cove,” Childres said. “We have some children in the cove, and the wires were in front of our driveway, and we were trying to determine, could you run over these wires?”

Comcast put coverings over some of the cables. But neighbors said they never made any headway in fixing the problem.

“Every time my neighbor would call, they’d give us a date they’d check the wires and see about putting them in the ground,” she said. “And they would come.”

But they’d never follow through until the WREG Problem Solvers got involved.

After leaving her cove last Thursday, Stacy sent an email to Comcast Public Relations. A representative responded less than 40 minutes later, saying she’d direct the problem to their local leadership.

The next day, Childres said a Comcast truck showed up in her cove to complete the work they’d waited months to see happen.

“It was less than 48 hours,” Childres said of how long it took to get the work done after the Problem Solvers got involved. “I’m just glad. It looks beautiful, as you can see.”

WREG asked Comcast officials about the delay. They thanked the Problem Solvers for getting involved and sent the following statement:

“We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and our local team expedited this to support our customers after hearing from you that there had been complaints. This was a significant project and a number of factors came into play that caused delays. Regardless, we apologize to our customers for not addressing this sooner.”

“It’s just wonderful. It’s a great feeling to know you do have someone on your side like Problem Solvers to come in,” Childres said.

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