President of local NAACP chapter files lawsuit against members


Shabaka Afrika

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MARION, Ark. — The NAACP was formed to fight injustice, but in Crittenden County members of the local chapter are fighting each other in court.

It all has to with power and who’s in charge.

Crittenden County NAACP President Shabaka Afrika says greed has put the chapter at odds.

“We were all friends until last June when it became apparent there was money. It’s like a hostile takeover.”

He says a group of members have chosen to hold their own meetings separate from the monthly meetings he presides over.

“The restraining order will stop other people from holding themselves as NAACP and keeping our community confused.”

Afrika filed a lawsuit in the Crittenden County NAACP’s name against those individual members. Those members tell WREG they have done nothing wrong.

“If you disagree with him, you’re going to be put out, and he might even bring out a gun to let you know that he is ready,” NAACP member Kyle Watkins said.

They say they simply wished to change the meeting location from Afrika’s home and place of business to a more neutral meeting place.

“It’s a hostile environment,” NAACP member Annetteia Handy said.

They say it was fear and lack of trust in Afrika’s leadership that drove them to that point, because they say he’s printing phony membership cards and uses intimidation to guide them.

We’ll have to wait until June 19 to see if the judge decides to grant the restraining order.

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