Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Held for Millington Residents Today

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(Millington, TN) The City of Millington had a first-of-its-kind feast Thursday.

The whole community was invited to a pre-Thanksgiving Day meal so all those who work and live in the area can get to know each other better.

Nothing brings people together like food.

A room full of mostly strangers mixed for the pre-Thanksgiving Day meal.

“Most people are in their own bubble. You don’t get to come out for lunch so now they are seeing each others faces in a relaxed setting,” said Tanya Jones with Reach Uplift Ministries.  “Like your cashier at Walmart but you don’t get a chance to sit down and have a meal and thank them for what they do when they are doing it.”

The idea started with a $5,000 anonymous donation.

“You used the donation?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Every penny,” said Pastor Quintin Smith with Historical First Baptist Church.

Smith decided the people of Millington needed to get together.

“Have you met anybody that you didn’t know before?” asked Hall.

“These two ladies right here,” said Bry Burton, a Navy base employee.

Burton shared a meal with two women from a retirement home.

“It’s something doesn’t happen too often,” said Cora Russell, from the retirement community.

“It shows that Millington cares for each other and I’m not originally from Millington so to have something like this, it makes me think very highly of Millington and the community,” said Burton.

With catered dishes and homemade desserts, people seemed more than happy to share a meal with their neighbor.

“I think it went better than we could’ve imagined ,” said Jones.

Pastor Smith says the goal was to feed up to 2,000 people Thursday but the plan is to feed thousands more by making this a yearly tradition.

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