Prayer walk for Myneshia Johnson and the shooting victims in Monday night’s vigil

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MEMPHIS — People in a South Memphis community came together for a prayer walk one day after three people were hurt in a drive-by shooting at a candlelight vigil for a murder victim.

Someone fired shots at the crowd as they remembered a teenager killed days before her high school graduation.

Myneshia Johnson was shot walking near Beale Street. Tonight family and friends were finally able to pay their respects to Myneshia Johnson but we spoke with Myneshia`s mother who is still devastated and upset she couldn`t celebrate her daughter's life in peace.

"So I don't know why they did it but it was so wrong, I cried all night," said Teri Johnson, Myneshia's mother.

Heartbreak for a mother who planned to celebrate her daughter who was murdered last year when shots rang out during the vigil last night.

"That's how my baby died cause they shot her in a crowd, that's how my baby died and they just did the same thing on her candlelight," said Johnson.

Devita Baines was grazed by a bullet.

"It was scary, it was really scary because you got babies out there and all the kids out there," said Baines. "When that took place everybody was just runnin for cover, children were falling and babies were hollerin, just disaster out there," said Johnson.

Frightening moments last night but today the prayers are for Myneshia and those injured at last night's vigil.

"We pray for our neighborhood, we pray for its safety, we pray for the safety of our children."

"The crowd walked from the church all the way to Danny Thomas where last night`s vigil was held,"

Earle Wilson went to school with Myneshia and says the violence has gotten out of hand.

"It`s very very disturbing because it's almost like we can`t prevent it and we`re doing the best we can and that's why I'm here today because if a prayer is all I got then that's what I'm giving," said Wilson.

A rough year for Johnson but she says her four other kids and her grandkids keep her going.

"I've been having breakdowns like I said god got me cause I lost my nephew in January, four months later I lost my daughter, four months later I lost my mom and six months later I just buried my dad," said Johnson.


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