Prayer caravan hoping for change

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The pastor of the word of life healing ministries says their church knows first hand how the crime in Memphis is hurting families.

“So much crime being committed just across the street from where we are located and hearing about all the tragedies and all the shootings,” said Pastor Beatrice Davis.

So, Saturday the meadows church joined forces with nearly a dozen churches to circle the city and pray for change.

“Trying to change the lives of people so they can have a better family relationship, families can be mended so crime can be cut to a minimum or cut off completely, ” said Davis.

Around 100 cars took part in the caravan of prayer.

Among those making i240 loop Olympic gold medalist Rochelle Stevens.

She says the idea is to cover all corners of the city,

Let people know they are loved and ask them to pray for each other.

“We need to learn love each other that’s what the bible says love your neighbor and that’s what we are exemplifying, ” said Stevens.

The Joshua pray car ride started several years ago when Memphis began to top the list of the most dangerous cities.

Allen Britton with the kingdom of god evangelism ministries says they aren’t just praying for the city, but its leaders and the ones patrolling the streets.

“Our city is in much pain but the church I believe has the answer to the city’s problems,”  said Allen Britton.

He says this prayer ride is the first step to give people some hope.

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