Powerful, Dangerous Drug May Be Linked To Murder Case

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(Memphis) A friend of a man accused of stabbing his mother to death reports the alleged stabber, may have been on a hallucinogenic, called, 'Psychedelic DMT'.

Twenty-two year-old William Walsh remains in jail, charged with stabbing his mother to death at their home over the weekend. DMT is a very expensive illegal drug, hard to find on the streets.

"You shouldnt take anything you wont be able to control," said Brian Chambers with the Memphis Division of the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to Chambers, Psychedelic DMT is such a powerful drug, it drives people under the influence to do things they wouldn't normally do.

"They start hearing things, they get paranoid, they start seeing things that aren't there." expressed Chambers.

Powerful, vivid hallucinations aren't the only side effects.

The crystal that's  crushed  and then, snorted, smoked or shot up, can cause users to become short of breath, pass out, even die.

Right now, the Memphis DEA is not seeing much of it in the area, but Chambers says it's mostly used by college students, ordering it from shady internet sites.

"The high lasts about 30 to 45 minutes they call it the businessman drug because of how short the high lasts," said Chambers.

The high may not last long, but the impacts of it do.

Chambers suggests if you know someone using the drug, to get help and call law enforcement right away, "They can come and defuse the situation, especially a hallucinogen because they're very paranoid, very nervous and agitated."

Chambers tells News Channel 3, the DEA is boosting efforts to crack down on internet sites selling DMT and other drugs.

Memphis Police have not confirmed if Psychedelic DMT was in Walsh's system.

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