Potholes growing to unavoidable nuisance in Cordova neighborhood

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CORDOVA, Tenn. — Neighbors in Cordova are sick of hitting potholes every day. There are several of them, but no one’s taken responsibility for having to fix them up.

Tiffany Fleming said she’s trapped by them at her house.

“Oh yeah, we are boxed in.”

No matter the day, she’s bound to hit a pothole.

“You can see how narrow the streets are,” she said. “You really can’t get around them.”

She said there have been several of them on Sterling Ridge Drive for years.

A former neighbor once took it into his own hands and filled some in, but they quickly grew again, attracting mosquitoes when they fill up with water and scraping cars.

The potholes aren’t avoidable either as it’s a one-way street, so all the houses have to drive past them.

The street’s connected to all their driveways. Tiffany said the problem is it’s not named, so it’s not the county’s responsibility.

WREG’s Bridget Chapman dug up the original paperwork for the properties and found out the task is one for the homeowners association.

The only problem is that HOA went inactive in 2009 due to lack of funding.

“It’s big consequences behind these little potholes.”

The majority of the homes are occupied by renters, not their owners, so it’s not a renter like Tiffany’s job to pay up HOA dues.

Meridian Property Management owns some of the units and told us they’re also concerned about the problem, saying they’ll look into taking over the HOA and contacting other owners.

“I just want someone to come in and just fill them,” said Tiffany.

It’s a good reminder to see what HOA fees are in place when you’re looking to rent or buy a home, and to find out who’s responsible for what areas of your neighborhood.

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