Pothole on I-40 causes bent rims, busted tires

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We always try to avoid potholes. But for some drivers in the Mid-South, there’s no way around them.

Drivers say they were heading east on I-40 Tuesday morning when they hit a pothole in the middle lane. The pothole forced them to pull over on the side of the highway.

Timothy Cain says he spent nearly $50 on a spare tire.

“It’s something they should be paying for,” he said. “It was like a big ole, like a shotgun, like boom. Everything just, the hubcap, everything just came off.”

Destiny Wilson saw the same problem.

“It felt like somebody rear-ended me really really hard. It was so scary. My heart raced,” she said. “There was 14 cars behind me. There was at least 10 cars in front of me that had the same exact issues.”

But it’s not just I-40.

Someone sent us a video that showed the moments after cars hit a pothole while driving into Memphis from West Memphis.

The city of Memphis says it’s filled almost 15,000 potholes already in 2019. But those affected by the damaged roads aren’t happy.

“This is what we have to go through after all this. All of our time,” a driver said. “Watch out for those big potholes, because it will do some major damage to your car.”

Drivers say they’re thankful it wasn’t a lot worse. But they will be filing a claim with the department of transportation.

After all the traffic problems, the department of transportation was out on the roads and highways Tuesday, filling more potholes.

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