Popular downtown Memphis bar closed again because of infrastructure issue

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Water poured in and flooded the lower level of Bardog Tavern on Thursday morning after an MLGW water main broke.

The flooding forced the iconic downtown Memphis bar to close for repairs, again.

“It’s frustrating,” owner Aldo Dean said.

He said he missed out on thousands of dollars in business Thursday.

“It’s very difficult to shut down for any period of time as a business because your employees are hoping for their income; your customers are hoping for their fun time, their hot lunch, their cold beer,” he said.

This is the fifth time Bardog had to shutdown for plumbing-related issues since late September when a city sewer line broke. Dean said the cleanup and repairs were costly and forced the bar to close for six and a half days.

“I have 37-38 employees who were out of work for six and a half days,” Dean said. “Until I find a way to get that money back in the bank account, that’s money unpaid to those workers.”

Dean hopes to recoup the revenue lost and money spent on repairs by filing claims with the city and MLGW.

“There’s an obvious onus on the city and the utility companies to say, ‘Hey, we were wrong. We messed up. Our systems failed. How much did it cost you? Here’s a check,'” Dean said.

The city didn’t say anything about a check when WREG asked for comment Thursday and simply said the sewer line has been repaired. MLGW didn’t say anything about money either but did say the water line is being fixed.

“I like to think this too shall pass, so hopefully, we have a good, long future ahead of us for Bardog,” Dean said.

He said he’s had other problems with the city’s sewer line is years past. In fact, he said he might look for another location if problems continue to pop up.

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