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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — An eight-month-old baby was left alone inside of a daycare in the 100 block of South 16th Street, West Memphis Police said Thursday.

According to police, two parents got to the Primary Learning Academy and Daycare to pick up their eight-month-old baby but found the facility empty and doors locked.

Mamon Kanol says he saw the parents get there just after 4 p.m. to pick up their son.

“They were emotional, I think, like anyone in the same position would be,” he said.

Police said the parents tried to reach the owners. But when they couldn’t, they called police.

Police said they were ready to break down the door to get to the child when the owners actually sensed something was wrong on their own and showed up at the facility.

Once inside, police found the boy lying in a crib.

He was treated and cleared by EMS, police said. But police pointed out he was lucky.

“There was a cause for concern. They did turn the air conditioner off for the day, so it had risen to 80 degrees by the time we got there,” said WMPD’s Captain Joe Baker.

Police blamed Alice and Ronald McClure’s daycare for a lack of protocol at the end of the day. Baker said they admitted to forgetting about the baby.

“They just go through and don’t check the kids off like they should by state regulations, and they just missed the child being in the daycare,” Baker said.

Arkansas records showed Primary Learning Academy was approved to have 65 children, with about half being babies or toddlers.

They didn’t have any prior complaints or major citations on their state record.

Neighbors reinforced the daycare’s positive reputation.

“I’ve never known them to do that, and they’ve been there over 20 years,” said Meggie Jordan, who owns the business next door.

“They are good people. Everybody speaks to them. I never hear of any problems, no police,” Kanal said.

But now, police are involved and the McClures are both facing charges for endangering the welfare of a minor.

Police said the child’s parents were extremely upset.

Alice and Ronald McClure will both face a judge in West Memphis District Court Friday.