Woman accused of waving gun at mother, kids during cookout at Midtown park

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother and her friend were arrested after a Memorial Day cookout took a terrifying turn. According to police, a Felicia Simmons and her five children were at Peabody Park on Tanglewood having a cookout on May 27 when another female child approached them and started picking on the children. Seeing what was happening, the mother told the child to stop and asked her to move along. That’s when the child’s mother, Ashley Pittman approached the victim stating that she was going to “shut this motherf***er down.” Pittman’s friend Pamela Jackson intervened and told her instead to go “get the package” from their car. When Pittman returned a few moments later, she was carrying a black handgun and began waving it towards the victim and her children. Simmons said she grabbed her youngest child, and the entire family took off running from the scene. “We’re supposed to be living in mourning for the people that we lost, the soldiers and our other loved ones, but to come out to hurt and to do crime to others, it doesn’t make sense at all,” Simmons said. Authorities said they later found the gun inside Jackson’s vehicle. Both Jackson and Pittman are facing seven counts of aggravated assault.

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