Police: Woman accused of attacking woman over shopping cart


Asia Pyles

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman was arrested after police say she attacked another woman after being asked to move her shopping cart.

On March 14, police responded to the Cash Saver grocery store on South Third. That’s where they met a woman who had sustained a bloodied nose, bruises to her eyes and had a visible knot on her forehead.

The woman told police she was in line waiting to check out when she suggested Asia Pyles move her shopping cart. The other woman became “irate” and reportedly began yelling obscenities before walking out of the business.

Several minutes later, the victim walked out of the store as well and was attacked by Pyles, police said. The suspect punched her in the face and head several times before leaving.

Pyles was arrested on Thursday and charged with assault. She was released from jail after paying a $100 bond.

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