Police: Warrants issued after sex offenders fail to check-in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are looking for three sex offenders who are accused of evading the law. They’ve disappeared after allegedly missing mandatory check-ins with the state. Police haven’t said how long it’s been.

All three are classified as violent, and two have been convicted of rape.

Earnest Banks, for example, was convicted of rape in the 1980’s. The 63 year old’s last known address is in an East Memphis neighborhood near Ridgeway and Quince.

Don Story lives across the street. He says Banks used to come over and borrow tools. But he hasn’t seen Banks in a year. He says he had no idea he was a sex offender. He’s glad he knows now, especially because of who lives nearby.

“There’s little kids (in the neighborhood),” Story said.

The other two are Saderick Roberts and Derrick Dotson. Roberts was convicted of rapping a child in the 1990’s. Dotson was convicted of aggravated prostitution in 2016. Police say he knowingly put his clients at risk for HIV.

Ric Honey, like everyone we talked with, hopes police find them.

“Probably should keep tabs on them,” he said.

Story hopes they’re found too, and he doesn’t want to see Banks again.

“I don’t like a sex offender around me, just point blank,” he said. “But I don’t wish him no harm. I don’t mean I wish him any harm or anything… (I) just prefer he not be around the neighborhood.”

Roberts is classified as homeless. Dotson’s last known address is in Fox Meadows near Knight Arnold and Hickory Hill Road.

If you know anything about where these offenders are, please call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.


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