Police: Traffic stop quickly escalates leading to man’s arrest


Adam Owens

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A routine traffic stop quickly took a turn after the suspect refused to sign for a seat belt violation.

According to police, Adam Owens was traveling westbound on Winchester Road at Millbranch when an officer noticed he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. The officer pulled him over and issued a citation for the offense.

After explaining everything to Owens, the officer said he asked him to sign for the ticket, but the suspect refused. When he was asked to hand over the officer’s pen and ticket book, Owens again refused.

The suspect was asked multiple times to hand over the officer’s property before the officer finally opened the door and took it from Owens. Owens was then told he would be placed under arrest and that’s when things escalated.

According to police, the officer had to wrestle the man out of the car in order to take him into custody.

A search of the car also revealed Owens was hiding a gun underneath the front seat along with ammo and a bag of marijuana.

He was charged with drug possession, unlawful possession of a weapon, disorderly conduct, resisting official detention and violation of financial law.

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