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Campus police at Towson University in Maryland have released surveillance images of the woman they say has been asking if someone would date her son.

Yes, you heard that right. In a way, she’s been playing matchmaker.

“Some people thought it was kinda sweet and people thought it was creepy,” student Nicole Cosentino said. “I think she had the best of intentions.”

According to the University Police Department several students began complaining that a 50-year-old woman was stopping them near the Cook Library and The Center for the Arts to show them a picture of the potential suitor on her phone.

“Oh, I would probably disown her. Not really, but I would just be embarrassed, ” student Austin Ryan.

“I guess it would just be weird to me to have her ask me something like that. I would probably deny her and then maybe tell someone about it. That is not something you hear everyday,” student Chandler Stachowski said.

And while some clearly find the whole thing funny, authorities aren’t taking any chances. They put out a campus wide alert to heighten awareness.