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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man’s alleged crime spree has come to an end.

Police arrested 19-year-old Tarik Sullivan on Wednesday in connection to at least six violent crimes in Memphis and Mississippi in the last three months.

Tarik Sullivan

According to police, they were called to the Summit Park Apartments on Piping Rock Drive on October 14. The victim stated he was parking his Honda CRV when three men – two of them armed – carjacked him.

That same day, another individual reported she was at the same apartment complex when her 2009 Honda Accord was stolen.  She told police that the suspect was followed out of the complex by an individual driving a Honda CRV.

The same suspects then returned to the apartment complex and stole a Toyota Camry on December 8 and a Nissan Rogue on January 11.

But the alleged crime spree didn’t stop to just carjackings. On December 9, Sullivan and the two other suspects reportedly broke into Shelby Drive Liquors and stole hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

“They threw a carjack through this window and then they tried pushing through this window by hand. They couldn’t do it,” said Ken Lapioli, who owns the liquor store. “They did about $1500 to my door and windows and took about $600 worth of alcohol.”

Memphis police finally caught a break when they were contacted by officers with the Horn Lake Police Department on January 13. Horn Lake police said they were investigating a business burglary and the suspects in that case reportedly matched the description of the suspects in the Memphis cases.

They said they also located a cellphone that was left at the crime scene. Data from the cellphone eventually led them to identify one of the suspects as Sullivan. He was taken into custody at 201 Poplar and admitted to the crimes, police said.

There is no word on whether or not the other suspects have been arrested.