Police: Suspect believed to have overdosed while trying to evade detention


Myron Jefferson

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A suspect was taken to the Regional Medical Center this week after reportedly swallowing crack cocaine in an effort to evade drug charges.

It all started when officers pulled over an Infiniti Q45 on Raleigh Legrange late Tuesday evening. In the police report they said they could smell marijuana inside the car and the driver’s hand was shaking “erratically” when he handed over his ID.

Officers asked the suspect – Myron Jefferson – to step out of the car, but instead he put it in drive and sped away. Jefferson eventually jumped out of the car near the Avery Park Apartments and tried to evade police on foot. He was tackled to the ground and taken into custody.

A white powdery substance – which was later identified as crack cocaine- was located on the ground next to him.

Almost immediately, officers reportedly noted something was wrong. Jefferson was sweating “profusely”, slurring his words, slobbering and his pupils were dilated. He also had white chunks in his mouth and his tongue was black.

Paramedics rushed him to the hospital.

At this time, authorities believe the suspect swallowed some of the drug during the foot chase.

When asked why he ran, the suspect allegedly told police he had a blunt on him. He said he tossed it while running from police. Furthermore, he stated he believed he had a warrant to his name.

Jefferson was charged with possession, evading arrest, resisting arrest and several other charges.

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