WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A West Memphis woman who survived a brutal carjacking eight years ago is now dead. The search to find out what happened to her led to an early morning standoff on Sunday.

According to Donald Boyd, police found his mother, Catherine Jackson, dead early Sunday morning.

According to reports, the West Memphis Police Department received a call saying that a vehicle was on fire in a ditch.

The West Memphis Fire Department responded to the scene to put the fire out, and the police department assisted with traffic control. Once the fire was extinguished, fire department personnel found, what appeared to be a deceased female body in the front passenger seat.

When police went to the home to notify the family, her other son, Antonio Jackson, thought they were there for him, so he barricaded himself inside. He then went live on Facebook, telling his followers the police were there to get him.

“He just likes Facebook attention. He ain’t involved in nothing,” said Boyd. Jackson was taken into custody peacefully, but it didn’t stop officers from raiding the home.

“He was in the police car. That was just their formality. They still have to do that. That is what they told me,” said Boyd.

The son said says he doesn’t know what happened to his mother or how she died. “They didn’t tell me anything as far as how they found her, what happened to her or anything.”

Video by Marcus Hunter

Back in 2014, WREG Featured Ms. Jackson in a story after she was attacked and carjacked outside her job at the West Memphis Residential Care Facility.

Boyd says today, his family was supposed to be planning what to have for Sunday dinner. “She called me yesterday morning for us to come to eat dinner with her today. She was cooking.” Instead, they will be planning her funeral.

If you have any information that can help West Memphis police, give them a call at 870-735-1210.