Police: Stolen social security cards, driver’s licenses used to make 28 fake IDs

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The charges are stacking up against a Memphis man accused of making fake ID cards at his Oakhaven apartment.

During a drug raid at Jose Munoz’s apartment Thursday morning, police found small amounts of marijuana and cocaine as well as Ecstasy pills. But then they made a bigger discovery: a veritable fake ID workshop.

According to police, Munoz had a laminating machine, a paper cutter as well as two Social Security cards and two driver’s licenses belonging to other people.

He apparently used it to make 28 fake IDs including 13 fake Social Security cards, eight fake driver’s licenses from various states and seven Permanent Resident cards.

One of Munoz’s victims told WREG she lost her Social Security card and driver’s license when her purse was snatched by a different man in 2017.

Nancy Crawford with the Better Business Bureau suggests being careful about what you carry around.

“Obviously, you need your driver’s license if you’re gonna be driving, but you shouldn’t carry your Social Security card with you on a regular basis,” Crawford said.

Even a stolen driver’s license could have serious consequences for the owner, she said.

“If someone got arrested and they had a phony driver’s license with your name on it, then that would go on your record as well because it’s your driver’s license number.”

Munoz is charged with four counts of identity theft and 28 counts of forgery.

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