Police searching for suspect who carjacked vehicle with woman in the backseat

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman had to take life threatening measures to get away from carjackers who drove away while she was sleeping in the back of her sister's car.

"When he turned I just opened up the car and rolled out. Other cars had to steer to avoid hitting me."

This woman doesn't want to be identified, but says she took a chance and opened the door of the stolen 2011 Ford Fiesta and jumped to safety to get away from carjackers who also kidnapped her.

"It was just a real life or death situation. I thought I was gone."

One minute the woman was sleeping in the back of her sister's car. The next she was being taken for a ride.

It was stolen in the few minutes it took for her sister to walk inside a gas station.

"I paid for the gas and was headed out. She came in all bloody and said someone took your car."

The owner of the car says she didn't lock the door on Sunday just before midnight at the marathon gas station on Eastman Road and South Third Street since her sister was inside.

As a matter of fact, she left the car running.

"He saw me get out of my car and must've hopped into my car that quick."

The driver says someone in a silver car next to her was watching and likely waited for the right moment to take off.

"He was in the backseat of that car or just watching, period."

The woman in the backseat says she knew something was wrong right away.

"My sister drives a certain way. She doesn't drive off. So when we took off, something said turn around because it was strange.

The sister say one witness did try to follow the car, but they lost it.

Police haven't found the car or arrested anyone.

Meanwhile, the women's mother says despite what her daughters have been through she's just glad both are okay.

"I'm not worried about the car. I am worried about lives."

The car had Mississippi tags and the family says they've received tips about the location, but police have yet to identify a suspect.

The family wants the convenience store to turn over the surveillance video that could help the crime.

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