Police say two men caused $150k in damages during copper theft attempt


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men face charges after police say they did $150,000 in damage to a Whitehaven building while breaking in and trying to steal copper.

Michael Coughlin and William Johns were caught at the building Tuesday. A security guard told police he saw Coughlin, Johns and woman in a pickup truck loaded to the ground, stealing copper. 

As far as we can tell the woman has not been charged.

When police showed up they say they found the woman with a screwdriver in her hand. She told police she and Johns had been living in the building for the last month. 

As officers questioned her, a truck pulled up. Johns and Coughlin were inside and police arrested the pair. 

The building’s owner said he’s owned the property for more than a decade. He’s been in the process of renovating but now those plans are gone because of the cost of repairs will be too much.

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