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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The violence keeps escalating in Memphis, and teens take some of the blame.

Two teenagers, one just 15-years-old, are charged with setting-up a man for a robbery, and then shooting and killing him in Parkway Village two weeks ago.

Also, two young brothers are charged with a shooting in Tom Lee Park that left one of them injured and an innocent bystander wounded Sunday.

Now, police said they’re looking for 16-year-old Teryona Winton for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Deago Brown in the doorway of a Binghampton Convenience store two weeks ago. We still don’t know the motive.

“It affected a lot of people and a lot of kids,” said Tarlisa Clark.

She said Brown’s murder crippled the community. She knew Brown well. He came to the Carpenter Art Garden where she worked. It’s a haven where kids paint and draw.

“Art was something he really loved to do,” she said. “He was fun, respectful to me, called me Momma half the time he see me. It hurt.”

That same pain seems felt across the city as five teens or young adults are recently accused of crimes that killed two people and wounded two others.

“We have to recalculate our steps and our efforts to stop what’s going on,” said Delvin Lane.

He is with 901 Bloc Squad working to curb gun violence among teens and young adults through outreach and intervention.

“The trigger has no heart. The kids are dealing with their conflicts by picking up their guns and using them, and now we’re seeing the results,” he said.