Police say woman robbed, another kidnapped in Cooper-Young

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a man kidnapped and robbed a woman Thursday night in Cooper-Young, then robbed an Uber Eats driver and her grandson just minutes later and a couple of blocks away.

Maria Ferguson says she was walking on Young Avenue and turned onto Bruce Street to look at some flowers, when a sedan pulled up beside her.

A man in the car pointed a gun at her, grabbed her and forced her in the vehicle. Police said he put on a black bandana, then hit Ferguson with a handgun, locked the doors and drove off.

“He took that power from me. Now I’m afraid. I haven’t walked out of my door. I don’t want anybody to come over. I don’t want anybody to see me,” she said. “He comes and he like, kicks me in the chest and kicks me down on the ground.”

Quick thinking likely saved her life.

Ferguson was able to unlock her door and jump out of the moving car about two blocks away. She ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

Minutes later an Uber Eats driver and her grandson were making a delivery on New York Street near Southern around 10 p.m. As they walked back to their car, they told police a man wearing a black and white bandana got out of a sedan with a gun in his hand.

Police say he fired several shots at the pair and demanded the woman hand over her belongings before opening the door to her car and taking a bag with her wallet, then driving away.

Police say they have surveillance camera footage of the suspect.

These are some of the several acts of violence reported in the last month in Cooper-Young

“I don’t know how we can try to eliminate crime in this area, but we have to. We have to figure out how. This has to stop. We can’t even walk a block away from our house,” Ferguson said.

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