Police say parking lot scammer put boots on cars illegally

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Memphis Police have arrested and charged a man they say has scammed at least one person — and possibly others — with fake parking fines and car boots.

A shiny red and yellow boot with a bright pink sticker greeted Dr. Harry Cummings as he walked out of the Best Buy on Winchester.

“My first reply was what have I done wrong because I didn’t think I’d done anything to get a boot,” he said.

Brandon Webb

It turns out Cummings got the boot because he was double parked. Perplexed by the whole situation, he phoned his wife.

“I get a call from my husband telling me to come up there because someone has put a boot on the car.”

The couple dialed the number on the sticker— and they were told they couldn’t get rolling unless they forked $100. And if he didn’t pay the fine right away that price would be upped to $750.

Security from Best Buy had nothing to do with it. That`s when red flags began waving and the couple realized it was a scam.

They waited nearly five hours with investigators trying to resolve the issue.

Brandon Webb is charged with extortion, accused of charging people with the fines in multiple parking lots in Memphis.

The couple says it’s a shame they were picked out and picked on but the heartbreaking part of it all was that Dr. Cummings says it was his first trip out since undergoing surgery for cancer.

For now Webb has not been charged in the incident involving the Cummings but the couple says they just want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

While this was found to be a scam police won’t to make sure that people are aware that in some parking areas boots can be placed on cars. In this case the suspect was not authorized to do so.


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