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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a woman was carjacked in a parking lot near LeBonheur Children’s Hospital while her five-year-old daughter was recovering from surgery.

The incident happened around 10 p.m. Friday at the FedExFamilyHouse on Poplar Avenue across from the hospital, according to a police report.

The facility houses families of LeBonheur patients while they are in Memphis. The girl had just undergone a liver transplant the day before.

Brandy Odle told police she had parked her Ford Escape and was about to get out when three men with their faces covered rushed up, yelling “Get out of the car.” They had what appeared to be a handgun wrapped in a cloth.

“As soon as I opened that door, they pushed the door open, ambushed, like, three of them,” Odle said.

“There was three of them and a gun between my eyes,” she added.

They got away with Odle’s purse and her car, which police located just a few blocks away days later.

“I remember hearing the tires screech and my truck going into gear and I just ran to the FedEx door,” Odle said.

Police say they have surveillance video of the suspects and believe one is connected to a shooting victim at LeBonheur.

He allegedly tried to sell Odle’s phone, but he has yet to be arrested.

LeBonheur released a statement saying the hospital has security in place and is working to address safety concerns:

“We were deeply sorry to learn of the incident against one of Le Bonheur’s families. It is an unnecessary stressor for a family already under duress with a sick child.

“We have security personnel and cameras at FedExFamilyHouse in place. We are continually working with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative, Memphis Police Department , the  Mayor and the District Attorney’s office to address safety concerns in the Medical District. We will continue to provide whatever security measures are warranted to assure the safety of our patients and their families.  The Memphis we know and love provides untold hours of volunteerism in support of the families staying at FedExFamilyHouse.”

“I’m always gonna be reminded of what happened… I could have lost my life, that she could have lost her mom,” Odle said.