Police report: Mom threatened to commit suicide night before infant’s death


Jamyl Price

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New details have been released after a three-month-old girl was discovered dead over the weekend.

Officers received a call from Jamyl Price stating there was a deceased individual at the Germantown Falls Apartments. She then informed dispatch that there would be a second body inside the home by the time first responders arrived.

Once on the scene, police discovered Price unresponsive in the bathtub after having reportedly tried to kill herself. Her daughter was wrapped in a blanket on the bedroom floor. She was already dead, they said.

According to police, the evidence suggests there was some indication that Price was suicidal prior to her suicide attempt and the death of her child.

The child’s father told officers he received several strange text messages from Price the night before the tragic incident that claimed she was going to kill herself. She told him she didn’t want to live without him and that she was getting in touch to say goodbye.

Police didn’t say if she threatened to harm the baby.

Scared, he reportedly contacted the woman’s parents who told him not to worry about it. She was just depressed.

The next morning, Price took her child to the apartment swimming pool and held the child underwater for two to three seconds.  She later told police she thought her baby could breathe underwater. When she noticed the child was struggling, she said she ran back to her apartment where she performed CPR for 30 minutes.

Police said she never called 911 for help.

Price was charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated child abuse-neglect.

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