Police Recover Fraction of Stolen Guns

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(Memphis) Neighbors say they didn't see the crime, but they heard all about it. 

Police say Michael Wilson and Johnny Wash burglarized a home on Mary Jane Ave, making two trips in broad daylight, to steal 23 handguns and 21 rifles.

It's an arsenal of weapons that neighbors say they never knew were there.

"I knew he liked guns because I like guns. But I don`t have that many though," said Neighbor Larry Jameson.

Police say the victim owned all the guns legally and is not facing any charges.

But the two men are in trouble, both charged with aggravated burglary.

Police found ammunition in Wilson's home and said he admitted Wash and an accomplice sold some of the guns on the street.

Memphis police have only recovered 16 of the 44 stolen guns.

"I feel sad because I don`t want nobody killed with those guns," said Jameson.

Jameson said the burglary victim works at a gun shop and that could explain why he had so many guns in his house.

Police say the burglars pried open the man's side door to get to those weapons, which doesn't sit well with other neighbors.

One woman, who didn't want to go on camera, said the victim should have had all those guns in a secure place to prevent something like this from happening.

 "He was wrong,' she said. "He should have had everything locked up and alarm on his house. That`s all I can say about that."

Both Wash and Wilson's bond have been set at $30,000.

Police say a third person named Jeremy Johnson is wanted for questioning but there's no warrant for his arrest.

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