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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Over the weekend, Memphis Police said a little boy accidentally shot and killed his brother. Now, WREG is learning more about the history of issues at the home where this happened.

“It’s just heartbreaking for us because we knew those kids,” neighbor Kenneth Wilkins said.

Police say the boy, 7, accidentally shot and killed his older brother, and the case is still under investigation.

WREG has learned that this isn’t the first time police have been to the home. We found two prior incidents in the last three months. In the most recent one, a mother came to the home to pick her baby up from its father, who lives at the house.

According to police, the father, Demorea Washington, became “irate” and “started screaming” during the exchange. Police took him into custody and charged him with disorderly conduct.

Some neighbors saw the whole ordeal.

“All I know is the police was over there not too long ago,” one woman said.

Others said it’s not something they normally see from the house.

“I haven’t seen anything out there,” another neighbor said. “That’s why it’s so disturbing to me to see a gunshot because I’ve never seen anything happen bad.”

WREG went to the home again Tuesday to see if anyone wanted to share anything about the little boy who died. Someone opened the door, but as soon as they saw us, they closed it.

“Who gets blamed, I’m not really concerned,” Wilkins said. “It’s just negligence on the parents; simple as that”

It’s still unclear if police will file any charges. They said they’re still investigating.

The other incident at the home was a case of vandalism in March. Someone at the home reported their had their car keyed, possibly by an ex-girlfriend.