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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department is searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting at Eden at Watersedge Apartments in the 2700 block of Venetian Causeway in Fox Meadows.

Police responded to the scene Thursday afternoon where a man was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Now neighbors have questions as the investigation continues.

Milton Downes just moved into the Eden at Watersedge apartment complex and says being greeted with crime scene tape outside his front door isn’t what he expected.

“You wouldn’t expect certain things to happen where you reside at. It’s unexpected,” said Downes.

Downes says he went to get his children from school around the time police rushed to the complex and found a man shot dead.

“I pick my kids up. I drop them off, and when you see stuff like this it’s crazy. It’s just crazy,” said Downes.

Investigators blocked off part of the complex. They looked for evidence and clues that could help them in the investigation.

“It’s so easy for youth to get a gun. I was staying in a complex and they were breaking into cars, and people were leaving their guns in their cars,” said Downes.

Like many, Downes is fed up with the violence.

“My prayers go out to the family. It’s just shocking and disturbing.”

It’s not the first time there has been trouble at Fox Meadows, but there is always hope this will be the last.

This is an ongoing investigation. We will update this story as more information becomes available.